Made for the bipsi launch jam. A musical forest guarded by a talkative bloblin.

I used this as a way of exploring bipsi's javascript support, with text-to-speech* for the bloblin npc and some webaudio synthesis code so you can make music in the forest.

There are 4 paths through the forest. Each one ends with a special gong. Click below if you're curious about what the gongs do:


Gongs, from left to right:
  1. Plays all of the notes you've triggered in sequence, once.
  2. Plays all of the notes you've triggered in sequence, and loops forever.
  3. Plays all of the notes you've triggered in sequence, once, but with a triangle oscillator.
  4. Plays all of the notes you've triggered in sequence, and loops forever, but with a triangle oscillator.

Also, if you return to the very first screen it will clear all the notes you've triggered up to that point (if you want to start a new sequence), but any playing sequences will not change.

Link to the game file if you want to take a look

* - If you're interested in how to add text-to-speech to your own bipsi games, I wrote up the process here.

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AuthorNiall Moody
Tagsbipsi, Music
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I loved how the music played back after completion and the text to speech was really awesome! I will definitely be looking into the tool in the future!


Thanks! And yeah, I really like bipsi. Having bitsy's ease of use and the ability to plug in little chunks of javascript is really nice.

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Using JS to generate the tones is great, and fits Bipsi real well.

I had to download your game and have a peak inside, I was very curious how you'd done it.

edit: Oh, and I was going to say: lovely use of a real small set of tiles, too. I was surprised how few there were.

How did you download the game btw? I can't seem to figure it out.

Oh, I guess itch doesn't include a download link for free html games. I've uploaded the file here if you want to take a look.

you can add a downloable file (it just needs to be one extra file besides the HTML)

In Firefox you can right-click on the game, select 'This Frame', then click 'Save Frame As...'

Using voiceover is already very interesting, but the use of the musical notes is superb too. I love how they overlap and not knowing how the music was being arranged internally kind of made it more beautiful. The sounds that you just met coming up together for the finale.

If there is TTS in this game then it seems like if it only works if I read out the texts aloud by myself....

WOW i didnt know bipsi games could play sounds or TTS!! thank you for writing about it, next time i make one i will definitely add it to my game. i love how beautiful the world looks, and the fact that i get to play as a slime

this was really nice! i had a great time jamming out at gong #1 playing my sequence in various rhythms and hearing the sounds overlap in different ways

the text to speech is very cool thank you for writing about the process! I also really like your art style for this