Niall Moody

A game about making up the rules as you play
A zine of gamepoems (mostly) written during lockdown
Make a song in the bipsi forest.
Play in browser
A zine covering how to use a Teensy LC microcontroller to attach a custom button to your computer.
flatgame/drone machine/sanctuary
A flatgame about the Great Depression, Glasgow, and the Right to Roam.
Tool for drawing with Windows applications and window decorations.
Arcade game demonstrating layers of complexity affecting game feel.
A minimalist watercolour loop sequencer with generative text prompts.
Procedural story and drone generator.
An augmented sketching tool.
A series of procedural snapshots of the sea.
Simple snowflake generator.
An idiosyncratic drawing tool/musical instrument.
7 gravity-themed local multiplayer games + 2 metagames
Play music with your friends, with cats, solos and effects.
A broken audiovisual radio.
A short digital poem.
A short-form abstract roguelike.